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Soybean Oil
Buy from us both, refined and crude degummed soybean oil extracted from soybean seeds and crude soybeans, respectively. Customers can select the edible oil for cooking purpose and inedible oil for industrial use.
Sunflower Oil

The company can supply variants of sunflower oil, from crude, refined, high oleic crude to high oleic refined. Whichever the type, no chemical agents are utilized in the production process.
Lecithin Fluid
Get in touch with us to buy lecithin fluid, whether soya lecithin, rapeseed lecithin or sunflower lecithin,  GMO or non GMO food grade. Select the lecithin based on the quality and application type.
Fatty Acid

Buy from us both, soya and sunflower fatty acids for your industrial processes. These fatty acids are demanded in paint, cosmetics, detergent, soap and many other industrial facilities.
Palm Olein
Get in touch with us to buy Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD) palm olein. It can be used by food processing industries as cooking and frying oil.
Coconut Oil & Powder
Coconut powder is produced by drying and grinding coconut. It is a great substitute of raw grated coconut to be used in sweets, desserts, baked goods and confectioneries.  In th category of coconut oil, the company offers RBD, virgin and extra virgin coconut oil. Apart from cooking, this oil can be used for skin care and hair care.

Linseed Oil
Linseed oil is extracted from ripened and dried flax seeds. The colorless to yellowish oil is not only used in cooking, but also in soap, ink, paint, varnish, wood and other industries.
Corn Oil
In the corn oil segment, the company supplies both crude and refined varieties. Refined variant is a healthy option for cooking, while the crude variant is a raw form that can be used as a refined raw material.
Animal Feed
When it comes to animal feed, the company has in store soybean meal, sunflower seed meal, castor seed meal and cotton seed meal, ideal to feed farm animals. Customers are free to select the kind of feed required in desired quantity.
De Oiled Lecithin
In the category of de oiled lecithin, the company has to offer Non GMO de-oiled soya lecithin and deoiled sunflower lecithin. The former is used in baby food, bakery products and other food items, while the latter finds use in food production as a release agent, emulsifier, etc.
Edible Oil
Edible oils are oils ideal for human consumption. The oil range offered including canola, olive and rice bran can be used in cooking, baking and as in salad dressings.

Refined Glycerine

Refine glycerine can be obtained in any quantity for use in cosmetics, textile, pharmaceutical or any other industrial segment. The glycerine is usually sweet and odorless.
Soft Wheat Flour/ Hard Wheat Flour
The company caters to the requirement for both, wheat and wheat flour. The flour is available in both, soft and hard grades, apt for human consumption. The grades are can be distinguished by the amount of gluten content.

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